Tips for styling your windows

It doesn’t matter if your windows are small, or if you have beautiful multi-panelled bay windows, how you dress your windows is key to interior design and style, and bringing the whole room together. Of course the quality and appearance of your windows will have an effect on how aesthetically pleasing they are. You will also want to consider their function and whether any damage has occured to the locking mechanism or if you need Sash cord replacement to allow your windows to work properly. Once you have fully functioning, pleasing to look at windows you can think about how to decorate around them from the interior of your property.

Can what you put around a window really be that important? We think so, yes! So we have put together some tips and tricks for dressing your windows so you can make the most of them.


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Classic curtains

Sounds obvious, right? Most homes go for curtains, and it might even seem dated, but once the colour scheme for the room is sorted, you can create interest and inject some classic style or cool looks with the right set of curtains.

You could search discount stores, or even charity shops and find a vintage bargain. You could go full designer and get a set that makes a true statement. Or even – and we think this is a fabulous idea – go to a fabric shop and choose your own pattern for your curtains.


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A lovely way to dress your windows is to layer the fabric, with a thinner curtain behind your heavier classic curtains. Hang thin and light muslin curtains which billow beautifully in the summer breeze and even help to keep out harmful UVA rays.

Light muslin curtains also provide privacy without blocking all the light, so you can make the best of the daylight during the winter months. Layering fabrics keeps the heat in during the colder months.


Choose horizontal wooden slats for a country feel, or add roller blinds with cool and funky prints in kids’ bedrooms for a pop of fun and colour. Vertical blinds have come a long way in recent years, and are no longer the preserve of dreary office buildings. With a range of materials to choose from, vertical blinds can add a contemporary feel to your double glazing has a great range of bespoke blinds services for you to choose from.

So next time you draw your curtains before bed, have a look and a think: perhaps a new set of curtains or contemporary blinds might be just the ticket to dress up the windows, and change the look of the entire room.