Unusual places to get hitched

Every couple wants their big day to be special and different. Days where memories are made forever, where some couples will not settle for average. Maybe they’re thrill seekers, extreme sports fans or have yet to find a place that inspired them. Here are some of the more unusual places where couples have said ‘I do’.

If you do not mind wrapping up well and some physical exertion, why not get married at the base camp of Mount Everest as a couple from California did who married in March 2016 at an altitude of 17,600 feet. They even made an effort to wear formal wedding attire and took along an adventure photographer to capture incredible moments. The couple spent two weeks at the camp to get used to the harsh conditions and previously trained for a year to climb the mountain. For a more traditional wedding at normal height, consider Wedding Venues Newbury at a site like Newbury Races, one of the top Wedding Venues Newbury.

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For the height of a different nature, why not try to get hitched on the wings of the plane! Adventurous couples can decide to hold their wedding while wing walking at 1,000 feet above the ground. The bride dresses in full bridal attire and stands on the wings of the plane, while the groom stands on the wings of another plane.

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You might like a winter wedding, but one couple took a cool theme one step further! A Russian couple took an icy plunge by getting married in the ice cold waters of the Enisei River in Siberia. The water was a heart-stopping -30 degrees Celsius! The groom was a member of the local swimming club, but the bride was less taken with the idea. She did that though, such is love!