How we view older people

It was Gandhi that said you can judge a civilization by the way it treats the most vulnerable. As a society, it’s important that we think about how we look after our older citizens, many of whom are vulnerable but still desire their independence as adults.

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Throughout human history, the elders have been viewed as a source of great wisdom and experience. They were the ones that people turned to for guidance, advice and even law-making in some societies and tribes. They were respected and esteemed, sometimes even feared and held in great reverence for their wise decision-making and life experience.

In this modern age, as we become more distant from one another due to digital advances, it is vital that we do not lose these connections with an important section of our society.  Many older people are living longer and more independently but can still experience loneliness and depression. For those who are more vulnerable and need assisted care, our care homes must be excellent and care staff truly appreciated. For Care Homes Leicester, visit a site like Sanders Senior Living, leading providers of Care Homes Leicester.

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Care homes need continued investment so that they can be the very best examples of elderly care in the world. More than physical care, they should places offering diverse activities for exercise and mental stimulation, opportunities for social interaction, be proponents of lifelong education and most of all, safe and fun.