Tips for Marketing Your Business This Christmas

The Christmas season provides small businesses with a raft of opportunities to market themselves in new and inventive ways. Here are just a few ideas that you can try in order to engage customers old and new and boost your impact in the run-up to December 25th.

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Cater to Gift Buyers

As consumers flock to find last-minute gifts, making sure that your business is equipped to meet their needs is essential. And one of the ways to do this is to offer a gift-wrapping service, whether you operate from a bricks-and-mortar store or make sales from an e-commerce site.

Gift wrapping could be offered as a complimentary bonus to help entice people to shop with you, or it may be chargeable as an extra on top of the standard price of the product. Just make sure you promote this feature in the festive period to gain traction with your target audience.

Create Savings Opportunities

Although January has traditionally been the month during which sales commence in earnest, things have changed in recent years, with events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday convincing retailers to cut prices earlier than ever.

Holding a sale as a prelude to Christmas can be an effective marketing tool, giving you the edge over competitors and also allowing you to manage your stock levels more efficiently. With the help of a brand and strategy innovation agency like, you can make sure that your sales promotion works this year.

Spruce Up Your Website

Even if your business’s site is optimised for everyday trading throughout the year, people expect a little more from brands at Christmas, so adding a festive theme to your online presence will help you to capitalise on this.

Whether it is a simple matter of adding a sprig of holly to your logo or going for a more in-depth approach which adds Christmassy elements to your entire site interface, such small gestures will be appreciated. Just be sure to avoid any design faux pas if you do not want to end up hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The more you do to embrace the spirit of Christmas with your marketing efforts, the more you will see the rewards pouring in, whether you are handling festive promotional duties for a small business or a multinational corporation.