Some Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Are you ready to invest money into your home to boost it’s value? A great way to go about this process is by looking at some of the proven areas that offer a return on investment. There are smart ways to invest in your home if you are ready to sell it. Here are some of the best ways to increase your home value.

Kitchen Improvements
A great way to improve your home is to take the time to remodel your kitchen. If you have a non-structural wall, consider knocking it out to create more space. Removing a kitchen island is another way to open up the kitchen and create space. People love kitchens that have a wide-open floor plan, or blend into the family room to create one giant room. If the kitchen is small, look for ways to increase the storage space. Adding taller cabinets is a great way to improve the storage space. A moveable island is another way to increase storage space, and still have enough room in the kitchen for it to feel large and open.

Some Ways to Increase Your Home Value

One of the first things people will notice when they visit your home is the landscaping. If you do not have a yard that is well-maintained you can end up losing potential buyers. It is a good idea to invest money into new trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass to make the yard look nice. Consider hiring a landscaping company to trim trees and keep the yard groomed. Tangled trees and unkempt bushes can really hurt the value of your property.

Add Lighting
People love bright lighting in and outside of homes. Lighting is a great way to add an intimate look to some rooms, and to make others appear larger and clean. Add extra lighting to hallways and areas where natural light is unable to reach. Dimmer switches in the home will help to make it easier for people to adjust lighting to their specific needs. This is a great way to create a mood in a room, and it is a major selling point.

Getting rid of old carpet and replacing it with wood laminate flooring is a popular trend right now. Realtors are finding that a number of home buyers want wood flooring as they think it is elegant and they place a higher value on it over carpeting. Consider adding wood floors to the home. Tile is another great option, especially in the bathroom where it tends to see a lot of moisture. Tile will help to seal water off from the sub-flooring of the home.

Bathroom Remodel
The kitchen and the bathroom are two major remodeling areas of the home to boost its value. A number of home owners can create a complete re-bath in a day or less. You will need to consider replacing the vanity and sink, toilet, and tub to make the bathroom look new and fresh. Jetted tubs are not as popular as they used to be, so you can focus on creating a tile bathtub or shower instead. Always add a brighter color of paint to the bathroom to make it appear clean and larger. Use these proven tips to help you boost the value of your home!