How to Make Your Website Stand Out

Everyone today has a website, from the biggest corporations down to the smallest of start-ups. With so many sites jostling for attention, it can seem an impossible task to attract visitors. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to bring your site to the attention of the masses. It just takes a little time, planning and know-how, starting with the following suggestions to get you on track.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out1

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Keep It Original

It gets so boring to be confronted with the same information time and time again, so make sure that your site offers something a little bit different. Forbes suggests using your own photographs rather than using the typical stock photos that so many sites seem to rely on. Using your own content framed in your own words is also a good way of drawing in the search engine robots and boosting your site higher up the ranks.

Get Professional Help

According to TheSelfemployed, your website is vying for attention with well over half a billion other sites. That’s a huge amount of competition, so unless you happen to be a qualified web designer with SEO skills to match, it’s well worth finding a great designer to help you build a site.

A unique site will stand out from the template-driven masses, incorporating unique touches that will give your site the edge against competitors. You should be able to find a local design team that will work with you to develop your vision at prices that won’t blow your budget. Whether you’re looking for web design or SEO in Dublin or even e-commerce solutions in surrounding areas, experienced design companies such as can help to make your site irresistible to search engines and visitors alike.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn have become an invaluable tool for promoting websites. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this trend, as a well-placed update or Tweet can quickly get your name out to hundreds of new potential visitors faster than almost any other type of advertising, and at no cost to your business.

Offer incentives, such as entering re-tweeters or posters into a prize draw, or offer visitors a freebie such as an e-book or e-zine. This not only draws new visitors in, but also fosters a feeling of goodwill towards your brand, which could help to increase your profitability in the long run.

Don’t Follow the Herd

Websites are one area where it pays to buck the trend. When fashions dictate that web pages should be long, scroll-down affairs, then head in the opposite direction and go for short and punchy pages. If pastels are the Big New Thing, then go bold with primary colours. You have to take risks if you want to stand out, so be bold and go against the flow – not with it.

Be Trustworthy

The internet is a faceless place, so make your site a warm and welcoming exception. Provide clear contact details and, if possible, a photograph of yourself and/or your team so that visitors can personalise their experience and put a face to your name.