Six ideas for creating the perfect space for studying

Studying for an exam can be stressful, but by making sure your surroundings are right, you can get the most out of your revision and even achieve better grades.

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Study zone

Rather than studying stretched out on the sofa, in bed or on the bus, designate a particular area to work. This might be the library or a desk in your room. By having a specific space, you will automatically be in the right mindset when you start and not be distracted by other people.

Out of sight, out of mind

Move all distractions from your line of vision. Make sure the TV is turned off, the games console is powered down, and any magazines are out of sight.

Mobile phone

This one is often the hardest for students to achieve, yet it can save so much time and make your study time much more productive. Turn your phone off, put it in a drawer and challenge yourself not to look at it for a set period of time. There are also apps to help you do this. If you find this too difficult, you can always select aeroplane mode to stop yourself being distracted by any notifications.

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There are numerous studies that show natural light can help with achieving good results. If there isn’t a space for you that benefits from natural light, invest in a good LED bulb and desk lamp.

If you are at university, your room should already be fitted with a desk and lamp. Students looking for Cheltenham student accommodation can find quality Cheltenham student accommodation in this beautiful city.

Recent figures show that a third of non-EU university students studying in the UK come from China. Despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit, EU students registering to study in the UK rose by 2%, with those living outside the EU rising by 10%.

Be prepared

Before you start, get everything you need ready, including pen and paper, review books, laptop charger, snacks and a bottle of water. That way, you won’t be tempted to procrastinate every time you want a drink or something to eat.


If you like playing music when you study, consider listening to some instrumental tunes and keep them on a low volume. Lyrics can be distracting and get stuck in your head, making concentration difficult.