Simple Tricks for Improving Your Website Design

Your website is the face of your business, so how it is designed reflects on you as a company. A well-designed site can boost visitor traffic and enhance your reputation, but a website that lacks attention to design detail can have the opposite effect. Fortunately, there are lots of simple tricks every site can employ to improve its design credentials.

Simple Tricks for Improving Your Website Design

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Careful Consideration to Colours and Fonts

Choose your colours and fonts with care. They should work well together and represent your brand, image and target audience. A classic style of font suits a professional, formal website, but you can opt for a more informal style if you want to lighten the tone or cater for a young audience. Avoid over use of colours in case they clash, and never mix different types of fonts as this could prove difficult to read.

Professional Use of Images

Images are a vital part of a website, but the wrong choice of pictures could let your site down. Many people choose stock photos for their website as this costs less than using a professional photographer, but this is often a false economy. According to Entrepreneur consumers aren’t going to have much confidence in a business that is trying to convey their professionalism using stock photos.

Make Your Design Responsive

If your website isn’t yet optimised for use on mobile devices, it’s high time you made the change. With more people using mobiles for searching, websites without responsive design could lose business. Consult an established design agency, such as MA Design Cheltenham web design agency, who can assist with this difficult design upgrade. Professionals like a Cheltenham web design business can also ensure other design aspects are addressed, so you remain current.

Easy Contact

The goal of your website may be to attract new customers, but if they can’t find your contact details, getting in touch may be harder for them than you realised. Make sure your contact details are easy to find on your website, and, crucially, aren’t out of date.

Social Share Buttons

A simple design tweak you can make that could also help to boost awareness of your site is by adding social share buttons to the bottom of your website news or blog postings. Increasing awareness not only boosts visitors, but is a great strategy to improve search engine optimisation.