Rent a production kitchen for these reasons

Finding, fitting out and maintaining a professional kitchen is a major challenge for many food businesses, especially when they are just starting out. Many small-scale start-ups begin life in the kitchen of the business owner’s home, but, if you have done this yourself, you will know that businesses quickly outgrow this. Entrepreneurs are then faced with a decision to make – do they adapt their existing kitchen to their needs, or do they move onto more suitable premises?


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Using a non-professional kitchen can be stressful, especially if it is part of a family home. Work quickly takes over and you will find the lines between your personal and work life become increasingly blurred.  If you run a family owned business you will know work can very easily get on top of you with food orders, drinks orders,cleanliness, kitchen equipment and more.  You could save yourself a little hassle though and hire a Oven Cleaning Yeovil company from sites like
Perhaps the answer is renting a production kitchen.

Benefits of renting a kitchen

It can be extremely expensive fitting out a new kitchen, prohibitively so if you are a new business with limited cash. When you rent, you have access to all the equipment you need, without the stress and expense of buying it. You’ll have professional quality ovens, spacious work surfaces, commercial refrigeration and all the equipment you need to continue running your business efficiently.


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Installing fully functioning Commercial Refrigeration and purchasing large, commercial ovens can be time-consuming and costly, so by renting your space, you are reducing the risk to your own financial security.

While the catering and hospitality industry remains healthy – Big Hospitality website reports that the sector’s turnover doubled in the 20 years between 1994 and 2014 – many external or seasonal factors can have a huge impact on businesses. This is especially true for new businesses, who might not have the financial security to be able to weather a rough patch.

The importance of growing your business organically

If you have experienced success with a relatively new business, it is very tempting to expand as soon as you can and take advantage of your popularity. However, many businesses make the mistake of attempting to grow too quickly and forcing their business to become larger than it is ready to. Growing your business slowly and organically, even if this seems frustrating at times, is a sensible approach and will allow you to learn as you go, avoiding potentially costly mistakes. Renting a kitchen is a great way to minimise your financial outlay and allows you to experiment.