Options for a damaged roof

Most commercial and industrial roofing systems will develop issues across their lifespan even though they are designed for long-term performance.

This can happen when a roof is not properly installed or maintained properly. When seeking to repair the damage to the roofing of an industrial or commercial property, there are four options: replace, restore, repair, or recoat.


Some of the problems with commercial roofing can be small and easily repaired rather than replaced. It is more cost effective if you want to keep your costs to a minimum. Roof repair is also a smart idea if the membrane of the roof is in good condition and has not exceeded its life expectancy or if the roof has a good insulation. Roof repairs are cheaper than a replacement roof and extend the life of the roof.

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Roof replacement is not necessary for small areas of damage, if it is still in good condition and has been well-installed then an effective solution is to recover. Most systems have only one industrial roof membrane roof and if this is where the roof is damaged, it can easily be fixed by putting a new membrane on top of it. However, the roof can only be re-sealed once. Roof restoration is mainly used when the roof has not previously been recovered and membranes have come to the end of their life. If the roof insulation has also reached its life expectancy then it would be better to replace it but if it is still in good condition then recovering is a much cheaper option. Roof restoration can be useful as a new extended warranty is now available and it takes work less than a full roof replacement. For Industrial Roofers, visit a site like https://www.modbayltd.co.uk/


If the damage is too much or the roof has previously been recovered, it would be much better to get a full roof replacement. If the roof insulation is deteriorating or has suffered water damage and if a quarter or more of the roof has suffered deterioration, the roof needs to be replaced. Replacement offers a long-term solution and is the best option for a roof that has reached the end of its lifespan. It is also more beneficial to the owner of the building if they plan on keeping the building for a long time because they will most likely have problems in the future and a new roof can increase energy savings.

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Coatings used in the roofing industry prolong life and prevent damage from occurring. This solution is popular because it provides extra protection from leaks, conserves energy by reflecting heat and UV away from the building as well as keeping the building cooler inside. It is a cost-effective solution that also improves the aesthetics of the roof system.