How to run your generator in bad weather

Running a generator safely in bad weather can be a bit of a conundrum, as while it can be tricky to run a generator safely in snow or rain, it is often in just this type of weather that you may need a generator the most!

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Likewise, generator rental is often used to support outdoor events in the summer months, but unfortunately, especially in the UK, the weather doesn’t always play ball.

Dangers of wet weather

It is no secret that electricity and water do not mix well. As such, pretty much every generator provider will very strongly state that the machines must not be used in wet conditions. Getting a generator wet can not only result in a serious accident, it could also damage the generator beyond repair. Neither of those options are ideal, for obvious reasons.

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Top tips

Fortunately, there are ways you can use a generator in bad weather conditions and still keep it safe, as well as meeting the terms of your generator rental agreement.

One option is to buy or make a special protective cover to keep your generator safe and dry while you are using it. You need to make sure you get one specifically designed for this purpose, as otherwise you risk running into problems with overheating and lack of proper ventilation.

These kind of covers have also been cleverly designed to allow your generator to still be completely moveable if you need to change location.

If you plan to keep your generator in one place and to use it a lot, then you could also consider a steel case for it. This is likely to be a bit more expensive than the cover, but it will also be more long lasting.

You could also consider making your own wooden case for your generator. Again, you will need to ensure this allows for proper air flow so that the generator doesn’t get too hot and is well ventilated. There are plenty of other tips available here.

A generator is such a useful tool for many reasons, whether for camping, doing building works, running a business or as an additional power source at home. Being able to use one in all weathers is obviously a massive bonus and it is perfectly possible if you do it correctly.