Have you ever considered the benefits of a standing desk?

We now know that spending too much time sitting down is not good for any of us. In addition to contributing to weight gain and obesity by burning very few calories, studies have shown that consistently sitting down for long periods of time is linked to heart disease, diabetes and early death.

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Many jobs require workers to spend a lot of time in the office. Rather than continuing to work at a regular desk, standing desks are proving to be a welcome and popular alternative.

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What exactly is a standing desk?

Sometimes referred to as a stand-up desk, a standing desk will enable you to work comfortably in a standing position. Importantly, many modern standing desk models are adjustable, enabling you to change the height and even alternate between standing and sitting.

Early research suggests that standing desks are not only better for our health but can also increase productivity. If you are looking for offices to let Basingstoke has a variety of options, such as www.matrix-house.co.uk. Make sure your space has enough room to accommodate standing desks, as this will enable you to benefit from the following science-supported advantages of working from a standing desk:

Standing helps to maintain a healthy weight

A study published by the National Library of Medicine illustrates that working while standing can burn more than 150 additional calories than completing the same tasks sitting down. Over the course of a single week, you could burn up to 1,000 extra calories by choosing to stand every afternoon.

Standing desks could decrease your risk of developing heart disease

The notion that standing is beneficial for heart health is not a new development. A study of bus conductors found that those who stood up all day were 50 per cent less likely to experience heart disease than their bus driver colleagues.

Standing can reduce back pain and boost energy levels

One of the most common health complaints amongst office workers is back pain, with research suggesting that working at a standing desk can reduce this pain by around 30 per cent after just a few weeks. Workers with standing desks reported that they experienced less fatigue, improved mood and more energy than their seated colleagues. Interestingly, when they reverted back to using their seated desks, their overall mood and energy levels quickly reduced.