Enjoy Being at Work with an Office Makeover

We spend a long time at the office – More time in fact than we probably spend in our bed at night! So why not treat it with the same consideration when it comes to decoration? Of course an office is different to a bedroom when it comes to what you want form the space – but there is a lot that you can do to make it a more enjoyable place to be.


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Colours have a big effect on people’s moods and work. Research shows that red affects the body, blue affects the mind, yellow affects emotions and green is balance. Take a look at this guide to how different colours affect different types of work. If you don’t want to go the whole way and paint the walls, maybe start with the blinds for example and introduce colour that way.

Think about how the office is arranged. Maybe have a look at feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony with the surrounding environment. Speak to everyone in the office about where they sit and see if they like it or have any suggestions for how the space can be better arranged. You may want to refurbish your office  – have a look at some more modern designs, or shapes that are better suited to your office and the needs of it.  Keep it clean and tidy with bins clean, floors were mopped and a hoover.  If you can’t manage this yourself there are businesses like ace cleaning company that offers a professional service however many times you need them to visit a week.   A Cleaning Company Leicester way will have trained staff that will visit you any day of the week with the right products for you. 

Search the internet for inspiration – no matter what your budget, you can find all sorts of amazing ideas online to inspire you, for all sorts of shapes and sizes of offices. Take a look at these small office ideas.

Get everyone involved if possible and get some individuality in the office. Maybe you have won some company awards that are in the corner collecting dust. Why not put up a shelf or display cabinet to show them off? How about pictures of the team up on the walls? You could even do them in a pop art style or get someone to paint them if you are feeling creative! Think about the atmosphere and mood that you are trying to create, and the personalities of the people who are in the office. Have fun with it, and remember, you spend a lot of time there, you deserve to be in an enjoyable pleasant working environment!