Bluff Your Way to a Bigger Bathroom

Most bathrooms in the UK are a bit on the small side, unless you’re one of lucky ones to boast an ample one. If you’re left dreaming of the day when you have a bathroom big enough to play football in, you’ll have to make do with some useful hacks for bluffing your way to a bigger bathroom.

  1. Light and Airy

Plenty of white will give your room a light and airy feel, giving the impression that it’s more sizeable than it is. It’s even better to go white on white, such as white tiling, furniture, suite, paint and towels etc. White is great at reflecting light which makes the space look bigger. If you’re concerned about lacking character, add in a variety of different textures, include a touch of wood or a metallic or jazz up with your accessories.

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  1. Tonal

If all-white feels too clinical for you, you can still achieve an airy feel with palettes of beige, very pale hues of powder blue or a soft grey for example. The effect this has is to create a kind of relaxing spa-like atmosphere in hushed tones that retain that feeling of space.

  1. Less is more

If you have plenty of storage elsewhere, then think about keeping bathroom furniture or vanity cabinets as small as possible to leave more open space. Leaving an area free of anything will give a roomier feel. You could also be giving yourself more room for manoeuvre around the sink and toilet too. For everything you could ever need for Bathroom Furniture Northern Ireland, visit

  1. Large Mirror

Hanging a large statement mirror is another trick to expand the perception of space. Aesthetically, it will provide the wow factor but hanging it opposite a window will reflect light around the room and instantly feel like you’ve doubled the size of the space.

  1. Glass Shower Door

Instead of using a shower curtain which acts as a blocker of space, a glass panel leaves the whole room visible thus making it feel bigger. For privacy, a lightly frosted or tinted glass door will still make your room look bigger.

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  1. Shelving

Floating shelves can be useful to get items up off the floor which could be making the space feel cramped. If you have a niche or cavity, filling this with shelves also provides useful visual depth, making them look further away than they are.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is crucial in small spaces like bathrooms. The lighting must be powerful enough to carry out tasks such as shaving, doing make-up or hair, for example. Go bright with task lighting and consider layered lighting in different locations. A lighted mirror combined with a wall sconce and overhead fixture will open the room right up and allow you to tailor your requirements depending on the task at hand and your mood.