5 Budget-Friendly Cosmetic Fixes to Update Your Home

Does your home need an update? Are you looking around and noticing little cosmetic defects that are driving you up the wall? Indeed, anyone passing through your home will be able to tell you that the small crack in the paint is no big deal, but to you – it is a really big deal. While most homeowners don’t have it in the budget for a big remodel, there are a few ways to make upgrades without breaking the bank. In fact, people visiting your home will be wondering how you made your home look so good. Here are five budget-friendly cosmetic fixes to update your home.

  1. Add a backsplash in your kitchen. There is a good chance that after a few years, the wall under your cabinetry is looking a little off-color – the paint may even be peeling. This can happen after a few years of cooking and spending time in the kitchen. However, you can easily solve this problem affordably. By purchasing a few tiles, you can create a beautiful and simple kitchen counter backsplash that looks professionally done. Also, it will be easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Add wallpaper to your bathroom. Our bathrooms are often the one place in our homes that we’d like to leave out of the house tour. However, you can easily make your bathroom a source of pride with beautiful wallpaper. Even if you are a renter, there are many temporary wallpaper options that are easy to apply and can be taken down when you move out. It is recommended to choose wallpaper with a dark color, because wallpapers with lighter colors can start to look a little dull overtime, especially because of all the moisture.
  3. Add a new floor to your entryway. Many people’s entryways are less than impressive – mainly because it is hard to know what to do with an entryway. However, it is important to know that the entryway to your home is one of the most important rooms in your domicile. If first impressions last the longest, then that means guests will judge your entire home by what your entryway looks like. So, why not put down a new floor? You can do this affordably by placing faux wood tiles or you could add some flavor with a brightly colored entry rug.
  4. Add a temporary fireplace to your living room. Have you ever dreamed of having your own fireplace? With a temporary fireplace, you can live out your dreams and you won’t even have to do any construction. Also, you won’t need to worry about your furnace giving out on you or running out of fuel. Out of all the reasons a furnace blows cold air – one of the biggest is lack of fuel. With a temporary fireplace, you can stay warm all winter.
  5. Add a new color to one of your rooms. Adding a fresh layer of paint can be a quick cosmetic upgrade that not only brightens up a room – it will also fix little dents, cracks and other superficial defects. So, you may want to start looking at paint chips now to choose a color. Who knows, you may want to think outside the box and really mix things up.