A Guide to Window Security

We’re all security-conscious these days, investing in security locks for our front and back doors as well as installing security lighting and alarms, but how often do you stop and consider the security of your home’s windows?

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The Guardian interviewed a former burglar who has now become a security advisor. He suggests breaking a window in your home if you hear a burglar on the premises, as the noise will scare them away. But that’s acting after the event, and there are steps that you can take to keep your home’s windows safe from illegal entry.

Fit Window Locks

Appropriate locks can be sourced for most types of windows, as well as devices that prevent them from opening far enough for someone to gain entry. Ask your locksmith for advice about the most suitable options for your needs. Ideally, you should look for locks that can be seen from outside your property, as the sight of them acts as an automatic deterrent to burglars.

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Close Windows When You Leave the Room

A good suggestion from https://www.danumlocksmiths.co.uk/, a locksmith in Doncaster, is to always close windows in unoccupied rooms. It only takes a few seconds for someone to be in and out of your home, so if your window is out of sight, keep it closed.

Fit Security Bars

Security bars can be a good option for ground-floor or basement windows that are particularly vulnerable, but do bear in mind that a window could be an exit point from your home in the event of fire, so think carefully before installing them.

Reinforce the Glass

Tempered glass is stronger than traditional window glass, so it takes longer to break, acting as a good deterrent to thieves. Laminated or safety glass is extremely difficult to break, as a layer of vinyl is sandwiched between two panes of glass, and thieves won’t waste their time trying to gain entry.

Opt for Tinted Glass

Most burglars will look through your windows to see what you have. Preventing them from seeing into your property could be all that’s needed to deter them

Use Gravel and Thorny Plants

Thorny shrubs, such as rose and holly bushes, planted below your ground floor window, can act as a powerful deterrent. Likewise, gravel is noisy to walk across, and no burglar want to draw attention to themselves.