The trends in Bathrooms for 2018

If you have an office then the bathroom is a place where you can convey strength and competency to a client when they come calling. Should you be due a facilities update here are some of the modern trends out at the moment. Choosing a new style will wow the client. The cleanliness of the unit is also a factor as much as a mental wellbeing tool for current staff. A Washroom service provider Gloucestershire based company might be able to ensure that you have this service. Go to to find at more after looking at the new trends.

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  1. The Edwardian and Victorian style. The Heritage look has never faded. If you’re looking to convey that sense of propriety and the past then this is always a safe and comfortable option. Certainly one to consider if you wish to portray a sober institution that has a firm basis in prudent forward thinking.
  2. Bold and bright colours. This may be more in keeping for an AIM Market firm where everything needs to look fresh and vibrant. The idea is simple enough. Feature large units in orange or other full on colours and temper it with white walls or have extremely busy mosaic patterns with white utensils.
  3. Make it blue. Nautical blue for preference. There is this movement that, despite being a cold colour, the blue of tiles and units combined with the whiteness of sink units creates a feeling of wellbeing and calm. The evoked use of the sea and maritime and nautical themes seem to set a scene that modern designers align to painting pictures with a décor.

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  1. The use of narrow modular furniture. Distinctly Scandinavian in its outlook, this type of furniture is being used to reduce the space required. It’s all a bit functional and clinical but they maybe where you feel your business sits at the moment. As with the Edwardian style it does promote a sense of prudent thought and clear thinking. A no nonsense approach that will be reflected in your business dealings later on.
  2. Including metals. This may be an ostentations approach but it will certainly convey wealth and confidence. It’s interesting to note that there is an increase in this style possible to do with the “gold room” seen in the early days of the pre Trump presidency. Whilst no designer is suggesting that we go that far they are suggesting a more muted approach is appropriate.
  3. Matt finish as opposed to gloss. If you are looking to have a large facility then this is the perfect new trend and it also reduces the appearance of grubby marks.

We wish you well in your deliberations and hope this has helped.