2 common types of garage doors

If you’ve been shopping for a garage door recently, you may find the different selections a bit mind-boggling. When deciding on the best type according to your needs, it helps to know what each type does and the various benefits.

Up & Over Garage Doors

It is the most common type of garage door and an obvious choice for most homeowners. They are durable, easy to use and reliable. They also can come with a canopy or retractable gearing mechanism. A canopy means the door runs on vertical tracks on a side frame via a spring mechanism at the top. When the garage door is opened, it forms a canopy. A retractable gear means the door will open on its horizontal path, moving back into the garage. The system is designed specifically for use with an electrical operating system. Both types are available with an anti-drop safety precaution. For Garage Door Repairs Bristol, visit a site like Up and Over, providers of Garage Door Repairs Bristol

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Many of these doors have passed the police security checks and will withstand attempted break-ins by thieves. They can come with 8 door braces for extra strength and extra security. They also have extra steel plate attached to the bottom of the door, protecting the key points below. The locking mechanism has also been enhanced to include an anti-snap cylinder and steel plate to keep secure the lock body.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors also provide great security for homeowners. The door is separated into parts that run on both vertical and horizontal tracks back to the garage. There is no loss of space with a door driveway because they rise vertically. There is also no loss of space in width, making them ideal for wider vehicles. They can be operated manually and electrically.

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