Best trees for small gardens

It does not matter if you only have a small garden, you can still find trees to improve it. A beautiful tree can act as a focal point for small gardens and can add an extra layer of privacy to the property. Consider attracting a lot of local wildlife by planting trees with fruit and enjoy the benefits your own fruit, such as planting a pear or apple tree.

Here are a few trees that are ideal for small gardens:

Japanese Maple

The small Japanese Maple is very slow to grow so that you do not have to worry about it overcrowding your garden. They give off brilliant colours in autumn and grow into an attractive form.

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Crab Apple

These trees offer abundant food for wildlife with brightly coloured fruits and spring blooms beautifully appearing. The space-saving varieties include Golden Hornet, which grow upright. If you need help with tree planting, contact a Tree Surgeon Essex at a site like Benchmark, a leading Tree Surgeon Essex.


Rowan makes a perfect little garden tree with fruit in the autumn and pretty spring flowers. They are a good size and offer plenty of food for wildlife. Look for species such as Sorbus Sorbus forrestii and wardii.

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Peach trees are a perfect size for small to medium gardens, and contrary to popular belief are very strong in the British climate. To ensure a good crop of fruit, plant in a sunny location, sheltered and warm away from the chance of suffering from frost in winter.