Resolving Conflicts When Planning a Wedding

When you get engaged it is an exciting time, and shortly after you will no doubt want to start to plan the wedding! You may have some set ideas on what you want your wedding to be like – many people have spent years imagining the perfect wedding. But other family members are often only too happy to give you their ideas and opinions too, and this can often cause conflict between couples and families who are planning their big day.

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You don’t really want to begin married life in the midst of a big argument over planning, and in many cases, it is well meant when family members give you ideas and options. They often are excited for you and want to help and share the planning and the burden of it, but for some it can feel as if they are being forceful or domineering.

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When you are faced with this situation, it is important that you don’t try to confront them when you are feeling wound up. Pick a time when you can all be calm and discuss it. Something that you could do if they want to help, is to give them their own task – for example if you have set your heart on a certain venue like this barn wedding venue Kent then you could give them a task to focus on that is separate to arranging the venue.

It is also a good idea to speak to them calmly about the fact that you are feeling a little under pressure with it all and are finding it overwhelming – they probably haven’t realised that you are feeling this way so will take a step back and give you a bit more space.