What to do while waiting for a locksmith

So, you lock yourself out of the house, yes frustrating but try not to get stressed about it. Many people do it and some do it over and over! Once you have called a locksmith, here are some things you can do to pass the time:

If you have a car and you’re not locked yourself out of that as well, then this is the perfect protection especially at night when the weather is cold. Keep warm and relatively comfortable and try not to focus on all the things that you had planned that evening or afternoon. These days you can catch up with whatever you have missed on TV at the press of a button these days so no need to worry about missing your favourite soap.

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If you do not have a vehicle to a shelter, perhaps you have access to a garage or shed that might be open. OK, so the shed may be stretching it a bit because nobody wants to curl up with all the spiders, but it depends on how bad the weather is out there. If all else fails then find a porch, overhang or tree to get some shelter. If it’s night and you feel a little vulnerable, then see if you can call in a neighbour’s house and ask for a place to stay and use their phone if you do not have yours with you.

Now that you’re all right and waiting for help, what can you do to pass the time? If you have your phone then great, you can play games, catch up on emails, read digital books or check the news. Escape with a little retail therapy or update social media with your latest adventure!

If you do not have digital distraction, then just relax and use the time to think or meditate. Do not drive anywhere to grab a coffee as the locksmith will you need to be present when they arrive. Get comfortable but try not to fall asleep because you do not want to miss the locksmith and have to call them out again! For more information on Southend Locksmiths, visit a site like https://www.brights-locksmiths.co.uk/locksmiths-southend/

If it’s a beautiful day, then forget about all the things you could or should be doing and feel blessed that you have been given some free time to relax and catch some rays. People tend to forget how to relax in our busy modern lives and find it difficult to take the time to do, well, nothing. Being locked out is a rare chance to clear the mind and relax.

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If you are with other people then there are plenty of great games that will occupy you, so much so that you will be disappointed when the locksmith lets you back in! Depending on the age group, the children will enjoy I-spy, 20 questions, A-Z or whatever they can imagine. Of course, the big kids can enjoy this too, but grown-ups may enjoy a game of ‘fortunately, unfortunately’ where you design a story by taking turns to start a sentence with either of these two words.