Top Destinations for Honeymoon in 2017

Future brides and grooms-to be usually have an awful lot on their mind: there are way to many things than need to be taken care of, from wedding plans, catering arrangements, suit and dress shopping, ring selection, church ceremony plans, all the way to the final touches like fine-lettered guest invitations, seating charts and wedding decorations. And after all the hassle is over, there are some more arrangements to be sorted out – choosing a nice honeymoon destination, booking the accommodation and tickets, packing your trip necessities – the list of to-dos never seems to end.

Well, to make things somewhat easier for all you newly-weds, today we bring you a short list of top 2017 honeymoon destinations, so scroll down to find out where to book your perfect nuptial getaway.

A dash of Borneo for thrill-seekers

Often described as one of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands, Borneo offers lots of adventure and recreation for lovers of outdoor activities. Situated in the Malay Archipelago in Asia, Borneo is a perfect choice for fans of hiking, jungle trekking, waterfall expeditions, abseiling, rock climbing or rain forest explorations. Take a bite of the rich local tradition and culture and learn some unique skills, like trap–hunting, line fishing or making household items or jewelry from bamboo or rattan.

Let your hair down in Bali

A tropical paradise in the middle of south Indonesia, Bali is one of the most tranquil retreats for future spouses. A perfect destination for those who just like to wind down and escape the pressure and stress of the modern world, Bali offers wonderful sandy beaches, lots of warm sun and clean ocean waves. If you plan to spend your holiday in this exotic island retreat, make sure you visit one of Bali’s famous beaches, like Sanur, Balangan, Nusa Dua, Lovina and Padang-padang – we guarantee you’ll remember your beachside honeymoon for the rest of your life.

Fall in love with Greek art and cuisine

A shimmering pearl in the Mediterranean, Greece is the cradle of ancient civilizations, arts and culture. With an abundance of stunning beaches and cultural monuments, Greece will make you fall in love with its beautiful art, cuisine, picturesque coastline and friendly locals. Take a short trip to the Acropolis and tread the path of the greats; go shopping in Athens, visit the museums and taste the traditional pitas, gyros, souvlaki, Kalamata olives, refreshing salads and delicious halva desserts, and wash them down with some ouzo or metaxa.

Experience passion and romance in Tahiti

If you want to start your marriage with flying colors, it’s best to go with the tried and tested destinations, like the French Polynesia. Choose one among a number of Tahiti honeymoon packages and get ready for the most romantic and passion-filled holiday of your life: apart from the pristine beaches, awe-inspiring sunset vistas, scenic mountain views and clean ocean waters, Tahiti offers you lots of outdoor activities like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, horseback riding and fishing deals. Those who prefer a laid-back holiday can enjoy relaxing spa sessions, traditional hot-stone massage and holistic treatments, steam baths and other beauty rituals.

Although it is the first day of marital joy, every wedding day and all the weeks of painstaking preparations for the perfect moment before the altar are terribly stressful so don’t feel bad if you catch yourself wishing to get away from it all at least for a couple of days. Go ahead and book your honeymoon trip before you’re too tired to pick the trip destination – and remember, every important life event takes careful planning, nerves of steel and lots of communication, but it all ends eventually. Pick the best place to have some good rest and recharge your batteries after the big day – because, after all, the whole point of a perfect honeymoon is for you and your spouse to get away from the everyday routine, slow down, relax and enjoy your early marriage days.