Should your Elderly Parent Move in With You?

Should your elderly parent move in with you? This is a difficult question and one that must be carefully weighed up and discussed by all people involved if it is to work well. A lot of families decide this is the right move for them for many reasons – the risking costs of living, as well as being able to care for their own parent if they can.

But it can also be a difficult thing to do and it isn’t for everyone – here are a few things to consider beforehand…

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Do you have the room? This is important to make sure that you all have plenty of space and that both your family who live in the house already as well as your parent have plenty of space and you aren’t all living on top of one another and causing friction. One option you have is getting a professional such as Ifurb, a house extensions Solihull based company, to add on a ground floor extension for your parent to call their own.


Do they have additional needs? If your parent struggles with mobility, or perhaps has a degenerative illness like dementia, you may need to ensure that your home is geared up for them with things such as handrails and ramps, as well as making sure that they cannot endanger themselves.

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Are the whole family happy with the idea? It is important that all of you are able to speak about the idea beforehand and can raise any concerns or questions – it may be that there are some problems that need to be resolved before the move goes ahead.