What to remember on moving day

Moving day has finally arrived. You have waited months for this day to come and now it has arrived there are a thousand things for you to think about. Here is our quick guide to the most important things for you to remember on moving day.

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Timings – make sure that you know what time the Removal Company Essex way, such as https://www.peglerremovals.co.uk/ will be arriving so that you can ensure that you are ready for them. If they are going to pack items up for you make sure that you have picked up any items that you might need for the day and an emergency overnight bag just in case and place them in your car so that they don’t get packed in the moving van.

Sustenance – make sure that you have plenty of drinks and some sandwiches made ready for the day ahead, as well as lots of snacks to help keep you going. You also might want to have the details of the local takeaways in your new neighbour so you can grab something quick to eat at the end of the day.

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Labels – make sure that you have clearly labelled your boxes so that the removal company will be able to easily identify which room each of the boxes has to go into. This will then make unpacking in your new home much quicker and easier.

Paper & pen – before you leave your old home make sure to take a reading of your gas, electricity and water and you will also want to take a reading of these same utilities when you arrive in your new home.