Tips for Finding the Right Heating and Cooling Company

The best rule of thumb is this: never try to find a heating and cooling specialist when you are in the midst of an emergency. That’s why you shouldn’t try to find someone to service your AC in the midst of a heat wave, or fix your heater when the cold front comes in. Instead, you should start finding a reputable HVAC specialist when everything is going well, so that when something does happen you can call on someone you trust.

You can begin your search close to home—by asking among your friends, family members, and acquaintances. If someone you know has already had their air conditioning and heating system serviced, ask them for a recommendation. People are usually happy to pass on any information they learn about a good service tech. And then, of course, when you find someone you can pass on their contact information to others.

If you cannot find a friend or other trusted acquaintance who can recommend a technician, then you will need to do a little sleuthing on your own. You can begin by doing an online search or yellow pages search for heating and cooling companies in your area. You can also look at Yelp, Yahoo reviews, or Angie’s List for an assortment of reviews and testimonials. These can help you narrow down your search to a hopeful few.

And once you have a technician you’d like to try, your final step is to set up a service call. During this first visit, your technician will check your system over and notify you of any possible problems. Then he will set you up on a regular maintenance plan so your system will be serviced twice a year. This should hopefully prevent any catastrophic breaks when temperatures soar or plummet.

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