How to keep your oak framed garage warm

A frost free garage means that you will not have to defrost your car windows each winter morning, meaning that you are able to have a fuss free start to the day! A stable temperature in a garage is desirable for storage and timber framed buildings are ideal to help provide this. If you intend to use your garage for uses other than simply storing a vehicle, for example to carry out basic repairs and maintenance or to use for home gym equipment or a workshop, you may well be looking for ways to keep your garage warmer. British winters can be surprisingly cold.

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Oak framed garages can be naturally warm

An enclosed oak frame garage such as those from Timberpride oak framed garages will always be warmer than an open sided carport or barn, especially if you keep the doors closed. Wood is a natural insulator which reduces its ability to conduct heat, meaning that heat which has built up inside the building during cooler months finds it more difficult to escape to the outside world. This helps to keep timber framed buildings naturally warmer. Conversely, timber buildings are also better at staying cool during hot summers. Those of us with precious classic vehicles will know how vital it is to keep a reasonably stable temperature inside a garage.

Consider adding insulation to your design

If you wish to go a step further in creating a warmer garage then the best way to ensure greater warmth is to keep the existing heat in. Just as it is in a house, insulation is the key to retaining heat, meaning that precious heat is not wasted and reducing the need for additional heating sources. An oak framed garage can be designed to include modern integral insulation panels, helping you to keep your garage warmer. If you decide to include a heating source in the garage then insulation will ensure that your heating costs are kept as low as possible.

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Many people find that oak framed buildings make such attractive and welcoming spaces that, when they are planning a new garage, they include either storage space or a room above the garage. Such rooms can make ideal home offices, gyms or playrooms. The timber structure makes them naturally bright and warm and helps to make them feel particularly cosy.