How to choose the right sculpture for your home

Investing in sculpture can be costly; in addition, it is essential that it is placed in the right location. A thoughtfully-placed sculpture will have a certain impact on a room and be a reflection of your style and character. When making this choice, you might like to consider the following:

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The purpose of a sculpture is to create a point of focus. If well placed, it can create a hub of interest in an otherwise less-interesting environment. An undersized sculpture can lose this attractive ability and get drowned by the surrounding space.


Although everyone wants a sculpture to retain a certain type of focal point, placing it in a zone that turns it into a complete mismatch compared with the tone of the room is a huge mistake. There is a certain type of logic involved in achieving harmonious tone, which can be the style, the age or even the subject of the surrounds. Imagine how odd an African bronze wildlife sculpture would look in room with Far Eastern décor; an abstract in a living room with Liberty print wallpaper; or a hypermodern sculpture in an 18th-century setting. The soundest advice is to try to match your tones.

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You definitely do not want your sculpture to disappear because its colour matches the room too closely; therefore, try going for complementary colours or even a stark contrast. There is a wealth of choice available from artists such as When making your choice, you might also want to do a little research into colour therapy.


Place the sculpture in a central location or where it can be seen from more than one angle. Smaller pieces are more suitable if placed at eye level. Be certain that it is not placed in the way of everyday life.


Without over-illuminating your sculpture, you need to highlight it in a way that is discreet but accentuating. Try to avoid unnatural spotlights, which often come across as contrived. If you do not have natural light, opt for subtle lighting.

Ultimately, you need to make your choice in conjunction with all five of the above considerations and not focus on an individual point; most importantly, you need to be happy with where you place your investment.