All you need to know about a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings provide an innovative method of covering an interior space.  Once installed, these ceilings create a smooth and clean finish that is capable of stretching across large areas. This type of fabric is ideal for covering up utility components, such as pipes and cables, and provides a softer look to the building. There are multiple benefits to having a stretch ceiling one of which being it will be adding value to your house. This means it could potentially be a good idea if you are considering selling your house soon. It would mean that you wouldn’t need to be worried about getting a reasonable price and means you can focus on the other important factors of selling a house. One of these other factors is ensuring you get a conveyancer. These are the people that manage the legal process of the house changing ownership. Stretch ceilings are used in a wide variety of situations, including office buildings, shopping centers and entertainment venues. It is of course important to make sure that the space above your ceiling and your building roof is in good condition to prevent damage from occurring to its structure and ultimately to your stretch ceiling. If you are in need of advice then you should consult with a Essex Roofers company on any repairs or roof installation that may be needed.

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What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is an ambient structure that creates an instant suspended ceiling within an interior space. It comprises two separate elements: a track to hold the ceiling in place and a lightweight fabric that is stretched across the space and attached to the track.

The material is exceptionally flexible and can be used for a number of other purposes, such as wall coverings, creative fixtures, exhibition spaces and light diffusers. The ceilings are manufactured to precise dimensions and requirements, with each individual ceiling designed for the specific space.

The stretch ceiling can be incorporated with other features to create a unique look for the space; for example, bespoke light fittings can be installed to reflect off the fabric ceiling and provide a dramatic effect. In areas where there is limited natural light, this can help to boost illumination levels. Within office spaces, more light can enhance people’s moods and increase their productivity levels.

Manufacturers of stretch ceilings

There are a range of manufacturers that specialise in stretch ceilings, such as Barrisol. These manufacturers are constantly looking at how they can enhance the performance of their fabrics to create a higher-quality product for their customers; for example, you can now choose stretch ceilings that provide a seamless finish without the tracks holding it in place being seen.

Stretch ceilings can be used in any type of interior space, from small-scale installations through to much grander scenarios. The adaptability of the design means that you can customise your interior space and achieve a creative finish that is unique to your building.