7 Ideas to make a play corner for children in the garden

Children entering and leaving the house, toys scattered everywhere, disorder and chaos … can arrange a space for this to not happen (the children in and out no, that’s inevitable).

A space that is only yours, to play, have fun and ordinary after toys to have no accidents with strollers out of the pool or step on a piece of constructions, how painful it is.

A sandpit with pallets

Something as simple as a very large drawer that you can fill with a sand beach for hours makings if you are fond of DIY you can do with a pallet, if not, just Seize a wheel truck or easier, buy a very large inflatable pool and sand. Already you have sand in the garden!

An Indian camp

If your garden is large, a great idea is to have its own lair; you can make a home tipi or more in a circle, the Indian way. If your children are a little older, they might like it more the idea of a tent ** ** or a shed that could fill cushions and down the screen to get anyone bother them.

7 Ideas to make a play corner for children in the garden

An adventure park

Swings hanging from trees, climbing nets, trampolines, or labyrinths cardboard, if you have enough space, turn your backyard into an amusement park, it is not as difficult as it seems. Leave the front porch for adults and transforms into a dream garden the kids.

A blackboard in the garden

We spend our lives complaining about chalk dust in the playroom Why not let them use them freely in the garden? Whether you decide to hang a blackboard on one wall of the yard or garden, as if you paint with chalkboard paint one of them or a piece, it is an idea that they will have super – entertaining and gives much game.

A magical swing

A fabric hammock or swing hanging from a tree made with a pallet is a great solution. Simply you must assure that there are no splinters and get some chains that security is complete. A good idea is to make sure that the tree will stand the pace and No hang too high, so the little ones can climb without problems.

A city for its figurines

They play rooms filled with houses, police stations, arks, passenger planes, jeeps … I could go on but you know what I mean. A great idea is to help them build a great city, with included lake where finally play with them.

It’s fixed games on the floor

Hopscotch, board XXL ludo a chess, nougats and crosses by yourselves … let your imagination soar. A fun board and can play with huge colorfully painted tiles, which can be made from cardboard or foam, or be themselves the chips, the purest style.