3 Diets Harmful To Your Body

There is no doubt about the great obsession that many people can have when it comes to losing weight; Many, even, lose their minds.

In general terms, there are many different alternatives to achieve this goal, although the most common are diets.

Based on these, there is no doubt about the endless possibilities open to all types of people.

Virtually all foods offer some choice, which become interesting and always healthy. In spite of this, some become what they do not seem.

Taking into account the effects of food within the body, it should be noted that not everything ingested provides nutrients and energy.

In that order of ideas, we should opt for a healthy, balanced and without excesses.

Undoubtedly, it is not about eating by eating or simply quitting.

Reducing the excess of the organism is much more complex and, although the diet plays a fundamental role, it must always be accompanied by physical activity and other positive factors for the organism.

When this is not carried out in a proper manner, it is most likely to return to the undesired extent; In short, the effort is going to waste.

However, the main problem when it comes to weight loss based on diet are poor choices.

How to differentiate a suitable diet from an inadequate one?

The endless alternatives when it comes to choosing a diet to lose weight is enormous; However, these may not be entirely adequate, at least some more than others.

At the beginning, we are not suggesting to avoid diets, but to learn to differentiate which ones really contribute to the main objective mentioned in the article and which definitely do not serve anything.

Here are the significant differences between a healthy and unhealthy diet:

Healthy or Healthy Diet

  • Helps quench the body.
  • Contains variety of foods.
  • It is based on the tastes of each person.
  • It contributes to weight loss, step by step; Gradually.

Insane or Unhealthy Diet

  • It does not quench the body.
  • It focuses on a single food (lack of balance).
  • It is considered ‘miraculous’ or ‘successful’.
  • He claims that it helps to lose weight quickly.
  • Caloric intake is insufficient.

Dangerous diets for the body

Globally, both the medical and nutritional communities have evaluated various diets for weight loss.

Based on the results obtained, they have determined the most dangerous for the organism.

These are some of them.

1. The detox or depurative diet

This is part of the well-known ‘fasting diets’. The goal of this type of diet is weight loss, energy intake and the feeling of well-being. So far, all very well.

The problem lies in the food abstention, main reason of this one, and that can cause us nutritional deficiencies.

In order to detoxify the body, the detox diet suggests feeding a few days with water, juices or vegetable soups.

2. The Dukan Diet

This type of diet consists of four phases, which depend on the weight you want to lose.

Its main characteristic is the high protein content of the same.

  • First phase: protein-rich foods for 10 days.
  • Second phase: foods rich in proteins and vegetables alternately.
  • Third phase: weight stabilizes and carbohydrate-rich food is allowed.
  • Fourth stage: balanced foods (eating normally).

Such excess poses enormous risk to the kidneys and liver, so it is not recommended in any way.

3. The Atkins Diet

With regard to this type of diet, things resemble somewhat the aforementioned (Dukan)

In this sense, the intake of foods low in carbohydrates is allowed; On the contrary, lipids and proteins are recommended.

Many point to this diet as the most balanced of all, since it consists, among other foods, of:

  • Eggs
  • Red meats
  • Fish
  • Butter
  • Oil
  • Cheeses

However, the medical community suggests that excess protein and lipids do advanced damage to the body.

These not only influence cholesterol levels, but also the kidneys and liver tend to suffer the consequences.