How to deal with conflict in the workplace

All employers want to have a nice harmonious work environment, not only for productivity levels but also for the morale of the employees. There are a number of ways that you can create a calm, pleasant working environment but one of the key areas that you need to ensure your line managers have some training in is that of conflict management. If an employee feels that they have not been supported if a conflict occurs with another member of staff they could have grounds to file a Constructive Dismissal Claim.

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Here are some top tips that anyone can use to help diffuse conflict in the workplace.

  • Talk to both parties involved – it is important that you give anyone involved in the conflict the opportunity to explain their version of events and what they think happened. You should listen very carefully to all of the people involved and if necessary make notes or ask them to provide you with a written statement of what happened and get them to sign it as an accurate statement of what they feel occurred.

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  • Focus on the behaviour – it is important that you look at the behaviours that have occurred and not start picking apart the personalities of the individuals that are included.
  • Identify key areas – look at where the members of staff agree and where they disagree and develop a plan to help them see each others point of view as well as providing them with a way that they can move forwards.