Your office Christmas party: a survival guide

The countdown to Christmas is well under way and if you have not already started the shopping, planning and writing of Christmas cards, you are bound to start feeling that time is running away from you. By the time the Christmas office party comes along, you may be more than ready to let your hair down.


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Beware of letting your behaviour get out of hand, however, as the possibility of being disciplined or even dismissed for behaving in an inappropriate manner at the annual work Christmas party would be a dismal way to end the year.

For those of you new to the scene, or for those who just need a timely reminder, here are a few pointers for surviving your office Christmas party.


While you don’t need to completely abstain from alcohol, it is advisable to know your limits and stay within them. The number one reason people get into trouble at corporate Christmas events is drinking too much. Consider a white wine spritzer or port and lemonade to reduce the alcohol intake, or alternate between a soft fruit juice and an alcoholic drink.


It may be several hours into the party before food is served, so eat something before you go to soak up some of the alcohol and stop you stampeding the buffet once it does arrive. Always try to have a free hand to greet people with. Companies such as Davis Events Christmas corporate events agency can help you to organise the catering and all other aspects of a corporate party.


Use this opportunity to meet people you don’t know. Meeting new colleagues is a great way to network and discover new roles, departments and opportunities that could help your career in the future. Chat with as many people as you can, and be enthusiastic and friendly to promote yourself in a positive light.


Remember that we live in an age of mobile phone cameras and social media. Avoid ridiculous dance moves, such as the chicken, the worm and the lawnmower, and certainly refrain from twerking on the dance floor; in addition, avoid table dancing!


Don’t wear an outfit that shows more flesh than your normal office attire. Dress up and perhaps add a touch of sparkle, but keep your clothes on at all costs!