Which is the best stairlift for you?

There are many different types of stairlifts, so you’ll want to be sure you choose a stairlift which fits your needs in the best way today as well as in the future.

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Before choosing to have a stairlift put in, it is wise to have the property assessed by a professional surveyor, who will be able to guide you with specific recommendations. Here are some of the types available:

Seated stairlifts

These stairlift models are the most popular, where the user can sit comfortably in a chair that rotates at the top of the stairs to make it easier to go from sitting to standing. It is recommended for those who require greater assistance and mobility aids. Find out more about Stairlifts Bath at a site like Pearce Bros, suppliers of Stairlifts Bath.

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Perch stairlifts

This stairlift type is better for those who may find it difficult or uncomfortable to remain seated. This supports the user under the buttocks, which means less of a need to move the hip or knee joints. The unit is fitted with a retractable seat belt which helps the user to feel more secure in the perched position.

Straight running stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are designed to travel directly in a straight line up the stairs. They are one of the most popular and most affordable choices. The installation is usually completed in a matter of hours. The tread is directly wall-mounted and not attached to the flooring, so there is no need to be concerned over re-carpeting the area. They are powered from the mains and available with a choice of backup battery in case of power failure, for extra peace of mind.