What Flooring is right for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to replacing the flooring in your home, it’s not simply a case of picking a new carpet colour.

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Deciding on which type of flooring would be best for each room in the house can be a tricky business. Are you better off putting down carpet, and if so, which sort? How about vinyl, tiles and wooden floors? How to choose?

Thankfully, there are plenty of guidelines to follow which will enable you to pick the best flooring to suit your lifestyle. Here are just a few basic pointers to get you started.


The first and most important factor is, of course, how much money you have available to spend.

If the sky’s the limit, you have more choice, including luxury deep-pile carpet and beautiful wooden floors.

If, however, your funds are somewhat limited, you will probably be restricted to cheaper carpet or vinyl, depending on the room. That does not mean you have to compromise on quality, though – there are plenty of hard-wearing but cheap brands of flooring out there.


Certain rooms call for certain types of flooring. The spills in bathrooms and kitchens are better suited to the harder types of flooring such as tiles and vinyl, while bedrooms and living rooms may be better served by cosy carpet.

According to the Money Crashers website, the best location for carpet is low-traffic rooms.

The ‘footfall’ of a room is also relevant – for instance, busy hallways require a more hard-wearing flooring option in order to stay looking good for longer.


Your family’s lifestyle also plays a part in which flooring you choose. If you have pets or small children, or you are a keen rambler or footballer, you may want to choose tiles in the hallway rather than carpet, as it is way easier to keep them clean and time is of the essence.

There are lots of hard wearing types of flooring including Wood Flooring – such as that available at https://irwintiles.ie/  – can be used in most rooms.

Easy to install, clean and maintain, as well as very good-looking, wood flooring suits most lifestyles and is ideal for areas where footfall is high, such as hallways and dining rooms.

And if you have dogs, carpet is probably best kept to a minimum, as their claws can catch in the loops.