Want to use reclaimed bricks?

Are you planning an extension, restoration or new build and are looking for ways to save money without compromising on build character? Do you have concerns over the sustainability of your project? If so, you might want to consider visiting a reclamation yard to get your hands on some reclaimed bricks and materials. There are numerous advantages to utilizing recovered materials, and here are just a few:

Cutting costs

During a development venture, spending plans can frequently fly out the window with expenses regularly spiralling wild, yet there is one way that you can bring down the expense of materials and this is by using reclaimed materials which are significantly cheaper.

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Great Character

Property owners right across the country are looking for interesting and unique approaches to add character and energy to their property, and whether you’re looking to redesign, add an extension or even build from scratch, reclaimed timber and bricks are a great way to add tons of character to your venture. Choose Construction Companies Bishops Stortford like ashmereconstruction.co.uk/ for your next venture.


When new materials are manufactured, the processes discharge enormous amounts of carbon outflows. Did you know that as much as 44% of the UK’s yearly carbon emissions originate from structure and development work? Utilizing recovered materials combats this, giving you the ideal chance to lessen carbon emanations and increase a status as an eco-friendly builder or designer.


Reclaimed bricks in particular have a story, a history and a feel about them that cannot be reproduced with modern bricks. They are less generally accessible and offer an unmistakable appearance as they have created specific attributes because of the maturing and aging process. It tends to be a good method for sourcing bizarre and unusual sizes or styles of blocks that will never again be manufactured.

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Are there any negatives?

When sourcing reclaimed bricks, it does bring with it a certain level of uncertainty. The bricks will only be available in smaller quantities, so supply could be an issue and additionally, it is hard to decide the technical strength and capability of bricks that were created many years ago and have previously been used in a structure for quite a while.

Reclaimed bricks are required to be tried and specified to affirm they are appropriate for their proposed use. On the off chance that the bricks give indications of harm, for example, splitting or breaking, they might be perilous for basic us and so will not be used.