Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs

We all might have wondered about some dangerous jobs of the world many a time. I even amazed at workers who are doing hazardous jobs in this world which I did not think in my dream even. There are some jobs in the world that are highly unsafe and not at all safe to the life of human beings. Such terrible jobs are done by the human beings in this world without any future thoughts. Those workers do need excellent protection and I would pray for them to live happily without any hassle. Some of the top 5 dangerous jobs are

1. Workers at great height buildings

The workers who are working at great height building really amazing and incredible to look at. I have seen many workers paint at the 20th floor of the building outer side without any protection. This is hair-raisingand pathetic task to look at. Most of these workers do not have any safety device while they work and are least bothered about that. In short, they take risk daily in their life for bread and butter.

2. Soldiers of a nation

I am really proud of the soldiers who are working at the border of a country. They toil for the cause of a nation without the touch of family members for months together. They knew that death would engulf them at any day while they guard the nation. They do not have any recreation and happy life in general. Always, these soldiers are tensed and restless to take care of the nation. This is another dangerous job of the world. They have to sacrifice all important phases of the life for the sake of people.

3. Manual scavengers

The workers who work at cleaning the human excreta from a drainage, and toilets do not enjoy the life at all. They have to sacrifice their health and hygienic life for the sake of money. This terrible task does affect the workers a lot by destroying their health and family life on the whole. These workers are found in many numbers mostly in undeveloped countries. They are not paid normal salary and treated properly in this world.

4. Bomb disposal squad

Another risky job in this world is bomb disposal worker. The job involves finding the bomb in a particular place before it blasts. This is extremely dangerous job in this world and the workers have to be very bold and extra courageous when they need to perform the task. The workers should not worry about their life when they are given the charge for the sake of common man.

5. Road cleaning workers

During night, these workers start the work to clean the roads without any dirt. Even though they wear mask, this job would bring a lot of health issues to them. While they clean the dirt particles would enter into their body definitely. Also, they have to handle rubbish items found on the road and have to clean those using hands. This is something frustrating and unhygienic on the whole.

The above top 5 dangerous jobs are striking my mind immediately.