Tips for Hosting an Online Sales Party

If you are a direct sales executive, you will face many hurdles and the biggest one is how to increase your customers? How to sell your products to the people who are not in your area? Persons who are staying beyond the geographical boundaries can be your customers; you can extend your clientele to even much wider area and expand your earnings in manifolds. The only formula to do this is by online business marketing, start by making a chat room on a social media platform. You may like to know that how big idea mastermind works. Let me show you how it works in a step-by-step plan.


Attendance is mandatory for the success of any party whether it is a home party or online party. You shall make a list of individuals who are going to attend your seminar same like your home party.

Online Webinar

When you have chosen a chat room to host the party, this will allow you and your guests to remain on the desktop and be a part of the conversation, whereas an online conference provides the flexibility to listen and actively take part with the help of modern day technology like Skype and other applications as well.

Select a Date

Finalize the date of your webinar according to the convenience of your guests and remember about the time zones also. Your party guests can be from the other side of the globe that is why it becomes imperative on your part to select the time as per their availability and convenience.

After you have finalized the date, big idea mastermind is to inform your guests via email and include the instructions as how to access the online meeting room.


Prior to a party make sure you have links to your products and its descriptions. Make sure to provide photographs, PowerPoint slides and clickable website links in your online conference. You also have the option to mail this material to all your attendees prior to the party. You shall also make a script as to which part you are going to put your emphasis and in which direction you want to take this webinar. This will help you stay on the subject and remain motivated during the presentation.

When you are defining about your products, do not forget to tell your attendees about special deals like cost free shipping. Make your party attendees feel that they really matter for you and make them feel special; this will help you develop a bond with them.

Finish the Party

It is imperative on your part to finish the party within a stipulated time frame. You don’t know how much your attendees are busy. Do not forget to say thank you to everyone who have attended this webinar. Do not forget to send emails along with your contact details to all the persons who have failed to turn up for this online party.

Need not to mention that you have to send a follow-up email with a thankful note to all the persons who have attended your online seminar. This email will include the product details in which they have showed their interest.