Tips for Clicking Indian Food

Indian foods are known for vivid colors and variety which makes the photographing easier.  Generally, Indian foods are associated with curries, vegetables and homemade breads having lot options during meal. Moreover, the way every dish is being served and decorated giving a tricky way to capture them. You need to apply different rules while clicking different Indian foods. Food photography of Indian meals is more fun and captivating than any other.

There are different ways on capturing delicious Indian cuisines which you can learn by practicing and learning from professionals. This article presents you with tips on clicking Indian food.

  • Do Your Homework: Before getting into the field, do your homework regarding the food you are going to click. Browse pictures and the way it is presented. You can create your own style of capturing the image. You can even check Indian food photography images to get more ideas.
  • Capture Spices: Indian foods are related more on spices that makes its more colourful. You can either click pictures of spices while preparing or once the food is prepared. This will not only give you some good shots but also vivid colors.
  • Getting into the Details: Capturing the details of food is very important. Capturing them in different angle with details makes the food look more delicious. Later, while working on post process make it more elaborate and colourful.
  • Capture the Companion: Every Indian food comes with companion like pickle, curd salad, papad, chutney, curd and salad. Capturing them along with main course will increase its view.
  • Best Lighting:  When it comes to photographing food, light plays an important role. You need to see how well the light is available that falls on the food.  Having natural lights on food makes it more worth clicking.
  • Clicking from Right Angle: Angle plays an important role to capture food uniquely.  Capturing them through 45 degree helps in capturing the details of the food. You can check food images online and look for the angles in which foods are being clicked.  However, top angle o of the food also makes it look great.
  • Need Right Equipment: Use of right gear is very important. Right lens, lights and others equipment’s plays important role in making the shoot worth.

Before getting into the Indian food photography for major cities like Mumbai and Pune , do some good research and go through the tutorials. This will certainly help you to know on how to do photography of Indian food.