There are flowers you can eat?

Look at a flower and the first thing you probably think is that’s pretty and not that looks yummy. And you’d be right while flowers are generally more for the aesthetic purpose it is possible to eat some of them in a salad. Its becoming something of a vogue thing to have some liberally sprinkled about the plate or on a cake as an edible decoration. Ok you’re not going to see it anytime soon in your local McDonalds but you never know there might be some benefits. If you are planning a party, why not have a look at our handy list below and give it a go. One thing you will need is a nice bar at your party and a Mobile Bar Hire Leicester  company can really help out.  It doesn’t to have to be a static  Elliot George Bars offer mobile bar hire in Leicester and this can be a real winning idea. Possibly like the flowers below.

Don’t go out in to the garden and start picking away. There are only certain flowers that can be eaten and its not a good idea to assume that you can just chow down on what you feel like. That way leads to an upset tummy. Here is a little list. Make sure you wash in all before you use it.

  1. Yellow and White Chrysanthemum. In the Far east you can’t move for this flavour as your drink. The flower is used to make a sweet infusion for water to make a tea. It can also be made into a wine that is very popular in Korea. So, you’ve got a during and after dinner drink an even a main meal if you use it as an infusion with snake meat. That’s a talking point at the table!

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  1. While we can find the colour pleasing, it’s a nice blue if you remember, they can be added to a salad to give it a dash of colour away from the usual greens and reds. They taste nice too. If you like that they can also be added to Earl Grey to liven that up a bit.
  2. The Daisy. Ok not the most exciting of additions but you’d be very surprised what it can do for your soups and sandwiches. It’s generally growing everywhere for free as well! Add the leaves and flower buds for flavour.
  3. Don’t go plundering your Roses just yet it’s the Rose Hips where actually after. They have a lot vitamin C and the petals can be sued to make tea. It’s also a popular flavour in Turkish delight. In fact, it’s used of lots of sweets and deserts in Asia.

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  1. While we would normally associate this with toilet freshener it does happen to make a very good ice cream, it can also be dipped in chocolate and infused with Champagne. One really big word of warning though use it sparingly otherwise it can really overpower everything.
  2. Goes with Burdock to give a liquorice drink that’s available right know. It also makes a good basis for a wine.