The Web’s Weirdest Dating Sites

Online dating has become one of the easiest ways to meet new people and find love in the twenty-first century. But along with the normal sites matching users with prospective partners, there are some very unusual dating sites. Those with niche interests, specific jobs or unusual fantasies are not neglected in the age of the internet!


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In fact, there are so many weird and wonderful dating sites out there right now that it’s a common feature of news reporting. Every time we think we’ve seen the most unusual dating idea on offer, something new comes up. The Mirror reported on the phenomenon, finding everything from services for infidelity to those who love clowns and riding around on fair ground rides like a Tornado Sweeper Arm Game

Here are our picks of the weirdest places to find love.

Singles with Food Allergies

In an unlikely set-up, this dating website aims to pair off people affected by food allergies. Potential matches can not only be searched through by the normal criteria of age, location and gender, but also by their specific allergies, such as fish, nuts, soy and so on. Although most people are happy to adapt to a change in diet when they fall in love, perhaps becoming vegetarian because their new partner doesn’t eat meat or choosing gluten-free products when shopping for supplies, this dating website removes that whole issue by making sure partners have the same issues in the first place.

Diaper Mates

For some, a perfect Friday-night date includes wearing a diaper or nappy and pretending to be an infant. Part sexual fetish, part childish regression, this weird and wonderful predilection has its own website for finding compatible partners in the form of Diaper Mates. A useful tool for finding those who share this uncommon interest, the dating service helps to unite those who love to be babies and the ‘adults’ who love to take care of them too. User photos feature a number of people wearing nothing but their nappies, and the site has its own online web-store selling adult-sized diapers!
Trek Passions

Unsurprisingly, the internet can offer a Star Trek dating service. With the obvious slogan for marital life – Live Long And Prosper – the site hopes to unite fans of science fiction with their fellow nerds to create beautiful geeky relationships. The site also promotes itself as a venue for finding like-minded friends who might one day become something more. On the internet, nerd dating has never been easier!


Describing itself as perhaps the largest vampire and Goth online dating service, this website is the place to meet those who enjoy life’s darker passions. Apparently, users not only enjoy vampires in fiction and films but also genuinely believe that they are vampires. This is the place where they can meet their eternal love.