The Right Time To Wake Up Your Garden

If you are like most people, you want to get a head start on your gardening. Spring is the time when temperatures are warm enough for planting. This fist step to creating a garden is to divide the land areainto sections where you intend to grow flowers, vegetables or shrubs. Once the sections are divided and the seeds are planted you can begin adding more decorative elements to enhance the way your garden looks.

Adding Elements Which are Both Useful and Decorative

If you are going to plant vegetables that need support, you can add color to your garden by painting the items used for support. Sticks or posts used to support tomato plants can be painted a variety of colors to make your garden more fanciful. Some wire supports already come with colored finishes which are usually in white or green. If your garden has plants with trailing vines such as peas or beans. You can add an open weave fence along one side to help lift the vines off the ground. Fences and arbors can also be painted to add a decorative touch and can be used for flowering plants that grow on vines.

Keep the Area Clean and add Depth and Color

Gardens with decorative stone steps or pieces of concrete will look more attractive when these areas are kept clean. This is true for any outside area that has a surface made of cement, stone or brick. These materials are easy to keep clean with ordinary water. A powerful spray of water from a pressure hose will blast away the dirt and debris from the surface.

Another way to keep a garden looking attractive is to keep it organized. When planting flowers and vegetables, painted posts can be placed at the head of each row with labels indicating the specific variety of plant found there. A separate area for potted seedlings can be made using a table and bench or by adding an outdoor potting shed.

Another way to enhance the visual appeal of a garden is to add color variations and depth. Depth can be created in a hedge by cutting out a section and adding a decorative stone statue, figurine or bench. Flower gardens should be arranged so the taller flowers are in the back with the plants toward the front being the shortest. To have color throughout the spring, summer and fall, you should stagger the plants according to the times they will bloom.

Creating Outdoor Areas for Entertainment

A well landscaped yard is meant to be enjoyed. One way you can create a more enjoyable place for spending time in is by adding a table runner or place mats to your outdoor table set. This creates a more inviting atmosphere and also adds color to the yard area. You can even make your own runner by using a waterproof fabric with a festive print and sewing small weights into the hem to keep it in place.

Adding plants around the patio area will also create a more inviting space for entertaining. Pots made of clay or terracotta, can be painted to match the colors of the patio furniture. Outdoor chairs can be spruced up with the addition of printed fabric cushions or decorative covers.