The need for development of writing skills in the students

Writing is an art which requires mastering the delivery of expressions. It is only the expressions which are delivered through the written material that makes it worth reading. The flow of writing must be such that the reader feels connected and can relate to the happenings along with the material that is written.

Importance of expressions

Expressions depict the emotions and delivering the emotions through words is very difficult. A reader can only feel connected with the content written if they can understand and relate to the emotions which delivered through the material. The skill of writing appropriate and meaningful requires appropriate delivery of emotions. The expressing style must be developed in the students so that they can write appropriately.

Maintaining the flow

The writer must make sure that the flow of information which is delivered must be maintained all the time. This requires an appropriate introductory paragraph, a few paragraphs of the body which explain the introduction and a balanced conclusion which concludes the topic initiated in the introduction. This is the only quality which engages the readers and connects them with the material that is written.

Different kinds of writing

The teachers must deliver the art of expository writing to the students from an early age in school. This art is built on the assumption that the reader has little or no knowledge of the topic discussed and hence requires introduction of all the aspects in brief to develop a balance. The traits of this type of writing can be observed in various essays, newspapers, magazine articles and textbooks.


Importance of development of writing skills in the students

This art can be delivered to students in schools so that they can understand its significant importance and develop skills accordingly. This shall help them in pursuing careers in the relevant fields in the future. Writing and associated skills cannot be taught to the students. The understanding of such kind of writing can only be developed through practice. More the students write, more they will learn about the balance which is required to be maintained.

The need for developing such skills in the students from an early age is extremely important. This shall make them aware of the skills which are required if they seek to pursue professional excellence in related careers in the future. This also makes them aware of the fact that whether they possess the flair of writing in them or not.

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