The benefits of live-in care

For those who require 24-7 care, families often feel that the only choice for them is residential care. However, with quality accessible home care, it’s is easy to see the benefits of hiring live-in care.

As the name suggests, live-in care is when a professional carer resides in your home with you. The carer is basically available any time of the day and night – with the exception of breaks. There are many benefits to receive live-in care and here they are:

Stay at home

A person’s home is special, holding personal property and special memories, which means a home can be extremely hard to give up. Beyond the emotions attached to your own little patch in the world, familiarity is good for a number of reasons.

Remaining in recognizable surroundings are great benefits for people in need of care – especially if the person is experiencing dementia. The little things, like being able to easily navigate your way through the house can make all the difference to someone who may be prone to becoming confused.

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Special care

Home care can be provided with a high level of personalised attention that you can’t often find in a residential home and you can guarantee that those in charge of the care are on hand when they are needed most and one hundred per cent committed to your needs.

Better value care

Similarly, the level of attention and friendship received is higher than what they would experience in a residential home and as a result, better value. For Live in Care for Dementia Carers, visit a site like Liveincare.

Continuity of care

It can be tough to bond with a carer when the recipient sees a new carer each time.  For that reason, the stability of live-in care can be very valuable. Not only will you or your loved one get a customized treatment plan, it is done by the same person each time. This results in a much more reliable service and a greater bond and friendship between the care receiver and care professionals.

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Peace of mind

Having someone to stay all night has safety benefits, and also eases the minds of those receiving care and their family members as well. Which means that everyone can get a good and safe night’s sleep. Find out more about Live in Care for Dementia Carers.

A better lifestyle

By remaining at home, it will be easier for care recipients to keep living the way they have been. As well as continuing their usual routines longer, they also can keep beloved pets and continue to attend their usual social activities. A lot of those who enter residential care begin to feel separated from their communities, resulting in feelings of lost independence.

Family input

Having one or two dedicated caregivers makes it far easier for family members to feel included in the treatment plan of a person. It’s easier to stay on top of things, especially when you’re familiar with those providing care.