‘So Long, Farewell?’ Tips For Memorable Send-Offs

Even though most people have to say goodbye to loved ones at least occasionally, it’s usually not a task that gets easier with time. Our relationships with others can define who we are. It’s understandable then, why when a friend moves away, profound feelings of loss are common.

Fortunately, technological advancements make it easier to stay in touch across the miles. Also, well wishes given during a going away party can bring a smile to the face of the person who’s departing, and also give others a chance to tie up loose ends.

Banners with a Personalised Touch
The right décor easily adds a cheerful vibe to an otherwise bittersweet occasion.  Think of characteristics that remind you of the guest of honour, and try to make your decorations clearly reflect distinctive personality traits. Try using your friend’s favourite colours, or even add a few graphics that complement the event.

Take things even further and invite each attendee to make their mark by scribbling words of encouragement the front side of decorative vinyl signs. Whether you purchase banners made from plastic or paper, they offer an easy way to show someone how much they matter, and give them something to treasure for years to come.

Embrace your Inner Photographer
A party isn’t in full swing until you’ve gotten out your camera! If a friend is moving abroad and doesn’t have ample space in their luggage to safely transport pictures, give them a CD or flash drive filled with digital versions, instead. This option is not only more cost effective for you, but it’s small enough so that a recipient can stash it in their carry-on bag just before boarding the airplane.

Make a Commitment to Visit
Free services like Skype and Yahoo chat represent notable upgrades to former communication methods such as postal mail. Since so many people now own laptops, it’s simple to set up a video chat in just a few minutes.

However, there’s still nothing that compares to the power of physical closeness. Even when distance threatens to separate you from the ones you love, that shouldn’t stop you from making an effort to maintain your ties. If income is an issue, it’s still possible to save up for trips to see a friend, just through making a few small alterations in your budget.

Major life changes are frequently difficult for everyone involved. However, by hosting a thoughtful celebration, you can clearly demonstrate the importance of helping the bonds of friendship persist across geographic boundaries.