Pretty And Cheap Dresses For BBC

In April, thousand waters and kick off for the already known BBC, or what is the same, Weddings, Baptisms and Communions. The normal thing when you are invited to an event of this type is to rejoice … but lately I just put my hands to the head and it is that I believe that this year the holidays I hit them full board at my parents’ house!

Good thing I’ve done a few discoveries of the good, nice and cheap … I tell you the options for those who are like me, on the verge of despair!!! I bet firmly on pretty dresses, in the end it is the most economical you get and the easiest to combine!


Zara: In Zara there are enough things … From 40 dollars you can find perfect dresses and silk (or so it!) Those in the photo could be an option. The first one I think costs 45 dollars and with some silver shoes, ideal!!! The second dress I love costs 70 dollars and is silk, comes with a leather belt and tacks that I personally would remove and put something in powdered pink, gold or even green! I think it has many possibilities and that the complements can decide the success of your look.

More possibilities in Zara! The first one has the same cut as the previous photo, with another print! And the price is more or less the same; there is also the spring version, with floral print in warmer tones! Orange, red and yellow … The second I have put it so that you see that there are all styles and cuts, this also stamped, with halter neckline and sequins on the bass. And the last, costs 40 dollars, strapless neckline, volans in chiffon and belt also in gauze. This one is also black!

Handle: In Mango there are fewer options … But some could fit us perfectly! Of course, they are more expensive than in Zara, the red costs 70 dollars and the gray 130…

Pretty dresses, the best selection

Asos: The quintessential internet shop is a safe bet. There are dresses at a very good price, the cuts are original and you are less likely to have your outfit repeated at the event in question. The ones that I liked the most are these … Soft fabrics, variety of colors, vaporosity. Take a look at the web! I love fuchsia and dusty pink, which by the way last season had a very similar one in Mango (I would swear from the Mila collection)

Raising a tad budget …

Naf Naf: Clear bet by the rose in your collection. Aires very romantic for occasions that deserve it! The first of the loop I love, a little roll Gwyneth Paltrow and the second most brilliant is also a cute!

Beautiful wedding dresses

Tintoretto: I do not usually enter much in this store although from time to time I recognize that I am surprised by their pretty dresses! In the April issue of the magazine Glamor I sign this little dress of fliers that seems ideal to me, although in the magazine they put a wide belt to the waist, the original takes a bow of satin in chocolate. The neckline I love, the little dress seems super rich and the price is not bad, 170 dollars! The model is rickety but I attest that it is not so short! Christina has bought it and is delighted!!!

And also in Glamor they proposed this other dress of Tintoretto. Word of honor, empire cut and long to the feet. Personally, I’ll stick with the first!!!

Do you already have the clearest things??? All kinds of suggestions are allowed!! We still have time to get a model!