Must have toys for Christmas 2019

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and many families are starting to plan their christmas shopping and children and frantically writing their gift lists. Toy companies are turning out more and more toys ready for the superstores to sell them. Toy manufacturing businesses will ensure that they have polystyrene recycling commissioned so that the off cuts can be disposed of correctly. If your businesses uses a lot of polystyrene Printwaste provide a polystyrene recycling service for you. Polystyrene is often used as a packaging material in many toy products to keep them secure in their boxes.

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Here are some of the top toys for Christmas 2019.

Board Games

These family games have made a big come back in recent years and there is now a huge selection available. Pictionary Air is one such example. Following on from the standard pictionary game which sees individuals or teams drawing items to be guessed, the newer version uses an app pen to draw the pictures that then appear on the smart device of your choice. Dobble – the Harry Potter version is a must for any Potter fans. The game is a take on snap with players being given cards with symbols attached. The aim of the game is to be the first to find the matching images.


These toys have taken the world by storm and many girls are enjoying all that they have to offer. This year the LOL Surprise Fashion Dolls are destined to be a big hit. With the well known big eyes and colourful hair these dolls are likely to become one of the most sort after items on the girls lists this year.

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Toy Story

The latest film (Toy Story 4) has created quite a buzz and many younger children will be adding the characters to their wish lists. They can be found in a variety of sizes and you can be sure that they will have hours of fun recreating the lives of Woody and Buzz and all of their friends.


Whether you are looking for a box of standard bricks or one of the many kits that are around you can be sure that lego will be a hit again this year with both girls and boys alike. With some many different options to choose from including lego friends, ninjago, star wars and harry potter you are sure to be able to find something that you like.