Murphy Ben International and their Growing Technology

Murphy Ben International is an entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria. Murphy Ben International has been growing since the CEO and founder Murphy Anawana opened the company back in 2009 and it was officially incorporated in 2012. The company is solely online and therefore they need to constantly keep up with the technology in the area or either be a step ahead. For example, Murphy Ben International as an entertainment company has to be at the same level as Africa’s technology or one step ahead.

If Murphy Ben International is too advanced, then that isn’t good for their clients and if they are one step behind, then it isn’t better since some of their clients might have newer software to download, watch or listen to music and movies.

 How the Online Customer Cycle Helps the Company

Murphy Ben International pays close attention to the online customer cycle in order to help their business succeed at its finest potential. The customer cycle consists of first engaging your customers with ads and then once they click on the ad and engage on the site, then they will either sign up or purchase a product. Once they fully engage on Murphy Ben International’s site then they will be considered a loyal customer especially if they continuously engage on the website and listen, download, buy or watch videos, movies and music.

Once Murphy Ben International recognizes their loyal customers, they will basically keep them as a sort of company advocate. They will basically monitor how many times each client visits their site and purchases or downloads something from there. When you have an online business you constantly need to develop your technology to ensure you are actually making enough profit to be able to run your business.