Landlords and letting agents should give tenants what they want

There is often a focus on tenants having to do the legwork and make a good impression on their potential landlords and letting agents; however, perhaps there should be more balance, with landlords and their agents making just as much effort


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It works both ways – the best tenants want to know that they will receive a professional service from landlords or agents they can trust, while responsible landlords want to know that they have reliable tenants in their properties. Here are some of the simple steps you can take as a landlord or agent to create the best first impression.

First things first

Before you start trying to impress, think about what your potential tenants will be looking for. What is important to them? When they start their search, the best tenants will be looking for an indication that your operation is professional; therefore, make sure that each touchpoint is exactly this, from your logo to your website. Once the potential tenants contact you, make sure you have a professional answer phone message and a personable manner when speaking on the phone and via email.

The house of your dreams

When it comes to finding that house of your dreams make sure you have a full check of the property from basement to roof.  These essential parts of the house can be an unwelcome extra cost to you. You could hire a Bristol Flat Roofing company from sites including who are experts in this field. 

Being on time for appointments is vital. It is not acceptable to be late without very good reason, so make sure you allow plenty of time and aim to be ahead of schedule. Another benefit of being early is that you have the opportunity to make sure everything is in its place at the property and have it looking its best for the viewing.


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As you will be the main point of contact, anticipate questions and know the answers; for example, what is the council tax band, which companies provide the utilities, and what are the neighbours/area like? Have your paperwork in order, including an inventory. Property inventory software can help with this. A specialist  can save you time and enable you to focus on other areas of your business, such as making the right first impression.

Rightmove has some suggestions for making a property look its best, whether you are preparing to sell or let. 

There has been a lot of research about the psychology of first impressions with regard to property, meeting people, and so much more. Take advantage of this and make sure you get it right.