Keeping Fit And Healthy In The Office

We spend most of our lives at work, some of us sit in an office all day, while others work in shops that are constantly busy. Keeping healthy while at work is still as important as being healthy at home and where work can take up most our time and can prevent us from going to the gym, you should apply a healthy attitude to your work life. Below is a list of suggestions that you can use to assist in keeping your mind and body healthy.

Avoid eating sugary snack

If you are feeling hungry, it may be tempting to go for the sugary snacks to help give yourself a boost. However, these snacks can lead to extreme sugar rushes, that when you come down from, will leave you feeling sluggish. Opt for bring home made snacks such as carrots, sliced fruit or nuts. Dark chocolate is a healthy alternative if you feel you need something sweet as it is not made with as much sugar as standard milk chocolate.

Keep on moving

Sitting around in the same position can often cause muscles and backache. Try and move around as much as you can, take a break from the computer and go for a walk. If you cannot get away from the screen, try doing some ankle exercises under the desk to keep the blood flowing through your body. If you need to go to another floor of the building, take the stairs instead of the lift. All these things, even though you might not get to the gym, will give your body minimal exercise while you are stuck at work.

Keep hydrated

Just as important as getting small amounts of exercise. Keeping your brain hydrated will prevent you from you falling asleep at the desk as well as keeping your brain alert. Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks as this will cause you to be dehydrated. Either bring a bottle of water to work, or take regular trips to the water cooler. If you don’t have one installed, mention to your boss about the beneficial health properties that water has. If you feel that water is a bit boring, put a slice of lemon in it to add a bit of flavour, or choose juice that has no added sugar.


Ensure that you have had enough sleep, 7-8 hours minimum; this will make sure that you are refreshed and alert for the rest of the day while staying off those caffeine cravings.  It will also greatly benefit your mood and prevent you from being titled ‘The crabby one’.

Ergonomic chair

Sitting position is very important, as well as moving around. Get a chair that has lumbar support, you’ll be sitting in the same chair all day, so you want to invest in a chair that supports a healthy back position. A good back position will mean that you will feel better at the end of the day while avoiding muscle strain on the back.

It is important that you feel healthy in the work environment. Not only is it beneficial for your overall health, but it enhances productivity and reduces the amount of sick days you may need to take. It is also an advantage for your employer as well to ensure that his employees are happy and healthy.

Bill Turner is a free-lance writer and family man. He enjoys volunteering at his local vet & rescue clinic.