Is your boiler safe?

A faulty boiler could be more than inconvenient – it could kill you. Gas appliances that are not maintained properly can cause a variety of fatal accidents, from carbon monoxide poisoning to leaks, fires and even explosions. Carbon monoxide, which is often referred to as the silent killer, can leak out of a boiler and kill you in your sleep.

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What to look for

Your boiler will give you signs that it is not operating properly and either needs to be serviced or replaced. Beware of a boiler that is breaking down more and more frequently. If the heating is on, but your home is not getting warmer, this could be a sign that the boiler is not working very well and could need attention from a professional. Likewise, if your water is not getting very hot, even though the boiler is on and the tap is open, then this is another indication that the system is not working properly and must be inspected by an engineer. If your boiler is making strange sounds, or there are dark markings or odd smells coming from the boiler, these are all signs that various elements of the boiler and the heating system are suffering wear and tear or simply worn out. Odours from the boiler could mean a gas or carbon monoxide leak, and your boiler must be inspected by an engineer.

Carbon monoxide kills

If you have a carbon monoxide detector and it is beeping, then get an engineer straight away. If you think carbon monoxide poisoning is only something that happened in the old days, then see this report from The Telegraph on a recent leak in a hotel. The risk of poisoning is reduced with new appliances, but regular servicing is essential.

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Don’t risk death because your boiler is old and no longer works properly. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have safe gas appliances that are checked regularly to ensure hot water and heating are supplied without lethal extras.